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Whimsical. Enjoyable. Data-driven. Practicing listening and reading comprehension has never been easier or more exciting than with StoryPals. StoryPals is a story comprehension app for iPad that features fun, original stories with unique characters, colorful, modern artwork and interactive illustrations. Best of all, it collects and saves student scores automatically so tracking student progress is simple.
"I am very excited to share StoryPals with fellow teachers, it is a wonderful app!"
Meg Wilson, Special Education Teacher

"StoryPals will be a great benefit to SLP's in school settings. Reading comprehension skills are so important in elementary aged students and StoryPals collects data from the SLP point of view!"
Jenna Rayburn, Speech-Language Pathologist

"It is exciting to see an app for comprehension come to the market created by professionals with the background and experience to understand literacy and language."
Bridget Gilormini, Speech-Language Pathologist

Read the included stories.

Reading fun for everyone. Get started in StoryPals by choosing any of the 24 included stories featuring imaginative characters. The whimsical stories can be read independently, read aloud with professional narrations, or read aloud using high quality Acapela text-to-speech with word highlighting. You decide the level of reading support appropriate for your students. Each story is also accompanied by a vivid illustration with slick interactions to entertain as well as convey the meaning of the story.
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Create your own stories.

Get creative. With StoryPals, easily create your own stories or edit the included stories to meet student needs for comprehension. Choose your photos or included illustrations to create the perfect complement to your story. There are several illustration elements to select among backgrounds, people, animals and objects. And the best part about the illustrations is the funny animations seen in the included stories. But, don’t worry about remembering to save - StoryPals has an auto-save feature to automatically save your work.
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Take quizzes and create your own.

Q & A. Take multiple-choice quizzes or create your own in StoryPals. For the 24 included stories, quizzes contain 10 WH questions (who, what, where, when, why) to assess story comprehension. Once you’re ready to create your own quizzes, the process is intuitive and flexible. And when it’s time for your students to take quizzes individually or in a group, they receive instant feedback after each question. To top that, if your students have difficulty reading the questions or remembering the story, StoryPals has them covered with text-to-speech and the story text.
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Share your stories and quizzes.

Go ahead and share. After creating stories and quizzes in StoryPals, share with others via iTunes file sharing or an email attachment. It's simple to email an attachment for others to open in StoryPals on iPad. Plus, with a little collaboration, you'll collect a series of stories and quizzes for use with all of your students. You’ll soon see how sharing with your pals helps you tackle your workload more effectively in less time.
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KISS - keep it simple and straightforward. The scoring system in StoryPals takes the complex task of tracking progress for groups of students and makes it simple. After students select their answer choices in a StoryPals quiz, the app automatically calculates scores by WH question type. Detailed scores are separated by student for automatic saving in the app and/or exporting. Comprehension scores for WH questions are further organized in the app by timestamp and story title. And rest assured that student scores won’t be lost because you can backup for restoring later.
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Configure options.

One size doesn’t fit all. Configure StoryPals in real-time to meet your students’ needs. You decide whether your students need text-to-speech with word highlighting. You can also edit pronunciations for text-to-speech and display readability levels (2-6) for included stories. Why stop there when you can additionally configure the story text size and justification, number of quiz answer choices, app interactions and more features in StoryPals.
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