The free version of LinguaPix is now available

Free version of LinguaPix in iPad

Expressive Solutions LLC is pleased to announce that the free version of LinguaPix is now available for iPad: LinguaPix is an engaging iPad app for individuals to practice expressive language skills in three activities: Flashcards, Matching, and Pick or Spin. In the activities, users practice naming, describing, formulating sentences, and more. The free version of LinguaPix includes the Health and Safety deck, which has 77 cards with real photographs depicting nouns and verbs. LinguaPix has the following 14 additional decks available as in-app purchases: Animals, Around the House, Body Parts, Clothing, Cooking and Cleaning, Food and Drink (a-m), Food and Drink (n-z), Hygiene and Personal Care, Occupations and People, School, Sports and Recreation, Tools, Toys and Games, and Travel and Transportation. Overall, LinguaPix has 15 decks with an average of 70 cards per deck and a total of 1,035 cards.

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