StoryPals - Basic is now available

blogEntryThumbnailStoryPals - Basic is now available on the App Store for $9.99. The difference between StoryPals and StoryPals - Basic is that the basic version does not have text-to-speech (aka synthesized speech) with word highlighting. Although stories in the basic version can be read aloud with recorded audio, they are not read using text-to-speech with word highlighting. Similarly, quiz questions and answer choices in the basic version are not read aloud with text-to-speech.

StoryPals - Basic is a lower cost version of the original StoryPals. Other than the difference in price and text-to-speech, StoryPals - Basic has all the same features as StoryPals. You can still configure the text size, text justification, animations, quiz answer choices, and a lot more. Plus, you can share stories among users of StoryPals and StoryPals - Basic. For example, if you own StoryPals - Basic and your friend owns StoryPals, you and your friend can share stories across the different versions of the app. How cool is that?
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