Car accident implications on the Closing The Gap Conference

I was in a pretty bad car accident on Thursday, September 27. I had slowed to a stop behind several vehicles in a freeway exit lane, when someone’s car slammed into the rear of mine. Shortly thereafter, I was rushed to the ER, and to make a long story short, I sustained a gash in my left elbow that required stitches, a fractured tailbone, neck and back pain, and several abrasions.

Yesterday, I went to my general practitioner to follow up on my injuries. My doctor told me it would take about 6 to 8 weeks to recover. During the recovery process, he recommended that I rest, take pain medication and other over-the-counter medications, sit on an inflatable donut, and do physical therapy.

I asked my doctor about attending the upcoming Closing The Gap Conference which would involve flying for several hours. Due to the discomfort I'm experiencing in my lower back, he highly discouraged me from flying. The discomfort is quite an issue, as I have to stand regularly because it hurts to sit for an extended period, even on the inflatable donut.

This means that I had to make a difficult decision and withdraw from the 2012 Closing The Gap Conference. As a result, I canceled a StoryPals session and withdrew participation from an iPad pre-conference session and corresponding lab. I feel very bad about doing this because I put in a lot of preparation thus far, and I was really looking forward to presenting. However, I understand the priority right now is to recover fully from the car accident.

I notified my co-presenters and the coordinator of the Closing The Gap Conference, and it's my understanding that the participants have been notified of my withdrawal from the pre-conference session. Although I will not be participating, I am 100% confident that my co-presenters, Cathy Kingeter and Luis Perez, will provide an extraordinary experience during the sessions. My co-presenters will also provide several prizes that I procured for the pre-conference session. I would like to recognize the companies who graciously provided those prizes:
  • Wacom
  • Speck
  • Studio Neat
  • Big Grips
  • Trident
I hope to recover as I pursue all recommended treatments in the coming weeks.
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