Feb 2012

ArtikPix - Full Giveaway

blogEntryThumbnailTo coincide with my upcoming CSUN presentation, I’m doing an ArtikPix - Full giveaway for 3 promo codes, valued at $30 per code. ArtikPix - Full is a fun speech articulation app for iPhone and iPad.

Please complete the following two steps now to become eligible for the giveaway:
Winners will be selected on Wednesday, February 29 at 5 PM PST. Three names will be randomly chosen using the Names in a Hat app, then announced on my Facebook page.

CSUN Conference details:
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 10:40 AM PST
ArtikPix & PhonoPix on iPad for speech groups
Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA, Rm. Emma AB

Webinar for What's new in Proloquo2Go 1.8

blogEntryThumbnailAssistiveWare announced their webinar for What’s New in Proloquo2Go 1.8 is going to be held on February 23 at 8 AM PST. Click here to get more information and to sign up now for free. Spots are available on a first come first serve basis. There will be no repeat webinar of What’s New in Proloquo2Go 1.8. Recordings of the webinar will be available on iTunes as a video podcast a few days after the session.

2.25.12 Update: The video podcast for What's New in Proloquo2Go 1.8 webinar is now available here on iTunes.

Disclosure: I do work for AssistiveWare and I’m the presenter for this Proloquo2Go webinar.

Typing test with iKeyboard

In the embedded video, I did an iPad typing test with the iKeyboard, an accessory designed for touch typing. I wanted to see how my speed and accuracy of typing with the iPad on-screen keyboard compared with that of the iKeyboard. So, I used the TapTyping app to do a speed test of typing on my iPad.

The results indicated that my typing accuracy was equivalent for the on-screen keyboard and iKeyboard, but my typing speed was 11 WPM slower with the iKeyboard. I think the slower typing rate with iKeyboard is due to me needing to get used to it, plus the plastic that covers the letter keys. The plastic is relatively rigid which requires hard presses that could slow down typing speed. If the plastic can be manufactured to be more flexible, I believe my typing speed would have increased. With that said, I think iKeyboard is a good step toward touch typing on the iPad.

Disclosure: The author was provided with a complimentary iKeyboard.

My new Facebook company page

blogEntryThumbnailThis will be one of my shortest blog posts. I just want to announce that I created a company Facebook page to post business related information. If you’re reading this, I would appreciate it if you could please Like my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EricSailersLLC. Thank you!