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Since I purchased my first iPhone in 2008, I thought about the tremendous potential of iOS apps for children with special needs. My involvement with app development began when I met Jason Rinn in the spring of 2008 while training for a full marathon. As he and I did training runs, we began to discover a shared interest for mobile technologies. I was inspired by my childhood experience in speech-language therapy, and more recently, as a clinician who used mobile apps as intervention tools. Meanwhile, Jason was interested in beginning a new career in mobile phone development. The first app that we developed was Percentally. Working in the schools, I was eager to have an easy-to-use data collection tool for tracking progress on children’s educational goals. Once the app was completed, we decided to integrate detailed data collection in apps for children with speech sound difficulties. The result was two more apps: ArtikPix for articulation and PhonoPix for phonology.

In early 2012, the apps Jason and I co-created were migrated to a company called
Expressive Solutions. I continue to be passionate about creating apps that children with special needs will find enjoyable and exciting, as well as helpful. I strive to create new learning opportunities for children through apps that combine the latest innovative technologies with my expertise in speech-language pathology. Above all, I want to design apps that are fun, easy-to-use products that offer an individualized learning experience for every user.
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